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Masking tape wall art | by Land of Nord

Masking tape wall art | by Land of Nord

Masking tape wall art | by Land of Nord

Masking tape wall art | by Land of Nord

Masking tape is a great way to quickly, cheaply and easily add a bit of ‘pop’ to your walls. It’s really handy if you rent your property or even if you just like to change your art work regularly. We had an expanse of beautiful white wall that was just asking for some monochrome tape action.

We love the work of Bluff Diss the tape graffiti artist and used his style as inspiration.

Although this might look complicated it’s really straight forward to get started. Decide where you want the centre of your pattern to be and then create a large cross. From here you simply spread your pattern outwards until you run out of space, masking tape or energy. We ran out of tape.

Check out more cool masking tape wall art on my pinterest board.

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Land of Nord - Letterboard

Land of Nord - Letterboard

Land of Nord - Letterboard

Land of Nord - Letterboard

Land of Nord - Letterboard

I’ve wanted to make a LEGO letter board for ages since I saw a retro style peg letter board on Pinterest. I figured that this was going to be a mum project but as soon as I collected together the bricks I acquired a little audience. The audience soon took over.

Apart from the fact these boards have that ‘monochrome cool thing’ going on, I love the idea that we can update these regularly with different fun quotes. The kids always want to read them and my 5 year old son is experimenting with forming the letters himself.

You could mount these in a frame or just have them leaning on a desk. What would you write on yours?

How to

Unfortunately LEGO don’t make a large black base plate so I took a grey one and filled it out with smaller black plates.

Then I found a pixel style font like this one at font squirrel and used the test drive feature to write out my quote.

To make the words I used LEGO tiles. These are flat smooth LEGO bricks which are ideal for creating 2D LEGO pictures.

MAKE | LEGO letter..


LEGO letter cups Arne Jacobsen inspired by Land of Nord

If you are a fan of Scandinavian design then you probably love the range of porcelain Arne Jacobsen Letter Cups. Well we love them so much we had a go at making them in LEGO. These are really simple to make and so much fun. You can either make up simple words like HELLO, use them as pencil pots or even for candy. They are ideal for the kids room.

LEGO letter cups Arne Jacobsen inspired by Land of Nord
LEGO letter cups Arne Jacobsen inspired by Land of Nord
LEGO letter cups Arne Jacobsen inspired by Land of Nord

The original Arne Jacobsen letters were created in 1937 for the internal signage at Aarhus City Hall, which is only a short distance away from the birthplace of LEGO in Billund. If you follow my instagram or pinterest feed you’ve probably noticed my passion for black and white interiors. And yes, I even collect monochrome LEGO minifigures.

LEGO letter cups Arne Jacobsen inspired by Land of Nord

MAKE | LEGO Headba..



Ever since we watched the LEGO movie as a family we’ve been smitten with the character Unikitty. Unikitty is a princess who is part unicorn, part kitten. She lives in Cloud Cuckoo Land which is the capital of rainbows and puppies. She has many moods including Angry kitty, Biznis Kitty, Astro Kitty and Queasy Kitty.

This Unikitty headband is a really simple LEGO craft and you don’t need loads of bricks to make it work.

Since making this LEGO headband we’ve been experimenting with other types of animal ears and some fantastic fashion creations. Like with all things LEGO your imagination is the only limit.


You will need:
Plastic headband or hair band
Strong adhesive glue
LEGO Plate 1 x 2 (for the hair band)
LEGO round 4 x 4 (for the base of the horn)
Variety of pink and blue LEGO bricks (for ears and horn)

How to:
Glue the 1 x 2 plates to the headband at regular intervals. Leave a gap in between the bricks so that the band remains flexible
Build your ears and horn and snap in place

FINDS | The Fablei..


Land of Nord - Brands: Fableists

I am a big fan of the children’s clothing brand The Fableists. Apart from the effortless cool of their hip utilitarian work-wear for kids I love this brands message and ethics. ‘Play hard live forever’ and ‘Buy less wear more’ are not just clever phrases. The Fableists want to put a stop to child labour and end the cycle of kids making clothes for kids. Made from sustainable, organic materials this brand tracks production from start to finish. It’s unisex clothing which can be worn all year round and is built to last. It’s the ultimate hand me down!

Land of Nord - Brand: Fableists
Land of Nord - Brands: Fableists

Their new brand film is a breath of fresh air. ‘Finn, a fearless young London boy escaping to an urban jungle on his skateboard. The 2 minute brand film is the first in an unprecedented, ambitious series of films documenting extraordinary kids around the world – kids with a gift, kids with drive, kids with ambition, kids who have overcome adversity.’

The poignant message at the end is simply ‘Kids don’t belong in factories’.

MAKE | Dino Hoodie..


DIY hoodies

As soon as the sun shines here in the Land of Nord we head to the beach. There is quite literally nowhere else our little pack of wild things would rather be.

The kids love to dress up when we go on adventures but often store bought costumes aren’t suitable for outdoor use. I love these DIY dinosaur style hoodies as they can be worn everyday and are a great extra layer for outings.

DIY hoodies

DIY hoodies

DIY hoodies

As always the kids had quite specific instructions in mind. They wanted the spines to be different sizes because that’s what real dinosaurs are like. My little boy asked if his could be a superhero dinosaur and we settled on a lightning bolt on the back.

I pretty much followed this excellent DIY Hoodie Tutorial. I found a couple of grey hoodies at H&M and bought some black felt from the craft store. In order to make the spines stick up I put a little polyester wadding between the sections. The wadding is soft so the spines are comfortable to lean on but instantly pop back in to shape.

MAKE | Painted Cap..



It’s a well known fact that capes are cool. Throw a bed sheet around your shoulders and you’re a superhero. So what better way of celebrating the first signs of spring here in the Land of Nord than by painting our own Wild Thing capes?





I put together a selection of simple icons and phrases and let the children chose the design they wanted to put on their cape. I drew the design on the fabric using pencil and then filled in the shape using fabric paint and a paint brush.

A great idea for a kids party, simple Halloween costume or just like us for a day out among the sand dunes running wild.

I used this simple sewing guide when creating the capes and this great tutorial for painting on fabric from Traveling mama.