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Ever since we watched the LEGO movie as a family we’ve been smitten with the character Unikitty. Unikitty is a princess who is part unicorn, part kitten. She lives in Cloud Cuckoo Land which is the capital of rainbows and puppies. She has many moods including Angry kitty, Biznis Kitty, Astro Kitty and Queasy Kitty.

This Unikitty headband is a really simple LEGO craft and you don’t need loads of bricks to make it work.

Since making this LEGO headband we’ve been experimenting with other types of animal ears and some fantastic fashion creations. Like with all things LEGO your imagination is the only limit.


You will need:
Plastic headband or hair band
Strong adhesive glue
LEGO Plate 1 x 2 (for the hair band)
LEGO round 4 x 4 (for the base of the horn)
Variety of pink and blue LEGO bricks (for ears and horn)

How to:
Glue the 1 x 2 plates to the headband at regular intervals. Leave a gap in between the bricks so that the band remains flexible
Build your ears and horn and snap in place


  1. What a fun way to combine Lego and crafting! I’m thinking little boys are soon going to be rather envious when they see little girls wearing their own creations:-)

    • My son has already put in a request for batman ears and Lord business hair on a headband, so I think it works for both boys and girls :-)

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