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Land of Nord - Letterboard

Land of Nord - Letterboard

Land of Nord - Letterboard

Land of Nord - Letterboard

I’ve wanted to make a LEGO letter board for ages since I saw a retro style peg letter board on Pinterest. I figured that this was going to be a mum project but as soon as I collected together the bricks I acquired a little audience. The audience soon took over.

Apart from the fact these boards have that ‘monochrome cool thing’ going on, I love the idea that we can update these regularly with different fun quotes. The kids always want to read them and my 5 year old son is experimenting with forming the letters himself.

You could mount these in a frame or just have them leaning on a desk. What would you write on yours?

How to

Unfortunately LEGO don’t make a large black base plate so I took a grey one and filled it out with smaller black plates.

Then I found a pixel style font like this one at font squirrel and used the test drive feature to write out my quote.

To make the words I used LEGO tiles. These are flat smooth LEGO bricks which are ideal for creating 2D LEGO pictures.

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