MAKE | Painted Capes


It’s a well known fact that capes are cool. Throw a bed sheet around your shoulders and you’re a superhero. So what better way of celebrating the first signs of spring here in the Land of Nord than by painting our own Wild Thing capes?





I put together a selection of simple icons and phrases and let the children chose the design they wanted to put on their cape. I drew the design on the fabric using pencil and then filled in the shape using fabric paint and a paint brush.

A great idea for a kids party, simple Halloween costume or just like us for a day out among the sand dunes running wild.

I used this simple sewing guide when creating the capes and this great tutorial for painting on fabric from Traveling mama.


  1. What a great idea and way to fill those little wild imaginations….wild thing capes. Love it!!!

    • Thanks Dally :-) The kids had great fun, they are already coming up with ideas for new designs for our next adventure!

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